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March is colon cancer awareness month.

Do you know that colon cancer is one of the most common cancer in Singapore and around the world. It is a preventable disease and colon cancer screening has been shown to be effective in preventing colon cancer. Colon cancer usually starts as a small colon polyp, which is a small lump in the large intestine. Colon polyp can grow and evolve into colon cancer with time. Removal of colon polyp can prevent progression of the polyp into colon cancer. Colon polyps and colon cancer can be detected via either a colonoscopy or stool testing. Some patients may also opt to do undergo a special scan to detect such condition. Medical guidelines recommend colon polyp and cancer screening to start from the age of 45-50 years old onwards. For people with family history of colon cancer, screening may be started at an even earlier age. Speak with Dr Tan Poh Seng today to find out more about colon polyp and colon cancer screening.

Please click here if you wish to understand more about colonoscopy. 

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