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  • Colonoscopy

The purpose of performing a colonoscopy is for your doctor to examine your large intestine and/or treatment of large intestine conditions such as polyps or bleeding. Sometimes the end of the small intestine (terminal ileum) is also examined and/or treated during colonoscopy.
Colonoscopy involves inserting a flexible optical viewing tube called an endoscope through the anus into the rectum, large intestine and sometimes the terminal ileum. Tissue samples may be taken from your intestine for further testing if required. If polyps were found in your intestine, your doctor might remove the polyps (polypectomy) during the procedure. 

Sedation medications are given to patients before the start of colonoscopy so that patients are comfortably asleep during colonoscopy. Two types of sedation are available: moderate or deep sedation. You can decide on which sedation option is best suited for you after a discussion with your doctor. 

Gastro Specialist in Singapore Dr Tan Poh Seng
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