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Gut microbiome and health

Why is it useful for people to get their microbiome analysed?

Our body has roughly the same if not more microbes than our own cells. Recent estimation by scientists has shown that we have around 39-100 trillion microbes compared with 30 trillion human cells! Most of these microbes live in our gut and belong to hundreds of distinct species. Each human has his or her own unique microbiome composition, much like our fingerprint, if we can analyse and profile them.


Our microbiome likely plays an important role in our health and has been found to be associated with several diseases such as cancer, digestive disease, liver disease, eczema and obesity. Hence, altering our microbiome could be useful in treating diseases linked to it. In fact, fecal microbiome transplant is being used in real world and highly effective to treat C. difficile infection when standard treatment fails. Probiotics are also commonly prescribed to patients with irritable bowel syndrome.


Our microbiome also changes in response to our diet and lifestyle, so by knowing our own microbiome composition, we could take a proactive approach to modify it by consuming the right food and drink for a healthier gut and body. 

Our clinic is proud to offer a gut microbiome evaluation and diet advice to help you to achieve a healthier you. Call now to make an appointment with us.

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